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Welcome to FCAT!

Annual Town Meeting is on Monday, 08 May at 7:30 p.m. in the Grammar School. The annual Town Election will be held on Thursday, 11 May at 5 Academy Hill Road




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Welcome to the

8th Annual Music Telethon & Cabaret

to benefit

The Frontier Regional School

Music Department




Watch LIVE March 30th, 2017 6pm - 9pm

Deerfield, Whately, Conway, Sunderland Cable Channel 12

or OR RIGHT HERE (Front page of the school website) streaming live. 

Recommended: Chromecast, Apple tv, Roku, Amazon Stick - visit FCATMEDIA with the YouTube App.


Join the conversation 

Twitter #frstelethon


Call : 413-665-2118 ext 237

Pledge online with check or personal delivery


Or Express payment through PayPal





The Frontier Regional Music Telethon is an annual live music event put on by Frontier Regional School’s Arts Department. The overall goal of this telethon is to raise money for the Music Department and used for various needs which arise throughout the year. Money is raised by securing underwriters, who in turn receive publicity throughout the event. The other main method of funding is from callers who will call in the evening of the performance and make a pledge. Calls should be made to the school at 413.665.2118. The evening of the event will feature a mix of amateur and professional entertainers. There will be door prizes and a raffle 



Thankyou to our Underwriters

Underwriting is a vital part of running a successful telethon.  Band students have been visiting various businesses around Franklin County asking underwriters to pledge for the 2016 Music Telethon. In return for a generous donation, the business will receive special on-air mentions during the telethon. The number of on-air mentions increases with the level of the donation and the more donations we receive the more money we can raise to help the Frontier musicians with their future endeavors. For more information please contact Max Sherrill at 413-665-2118 ext. 237 


FCAT is excited to announce that 2016 Frontier Regional Graduation DVDs are now ready and available for ordering! 

If you would like to purchase a DVD please contact us at or 413-665-0012.

OR check out the newly uploaded DVD version on YouTube!


Additionally, we would like to apologize for the quality of the live stream during the ceremony itself. As a service to the families who could not make it, we attempted to live stream the event via a cellphone hotspot wifi signal, and unfortunately the quality was... less than desired to say the least. We are happy with how it turned out overall, believing any stream of the event was better than none at all.

The DVDs themselves are made from a seperate recording of the event, with no gaps/buffering/missing chunks, complete with full graphics and titles. Again we apologise for the quality of the livestream and encourage you to check out the edited version of the ceremony on Youtube, cable channel 12, or buy a DVD of your very own to treasure the memories forever!


Happy summer everyone, and as always...
Thanks for watching FCAT!


FCAT recently got to know the South County Emergency Medical Service (SCEMS) a little better.
Learn what SCEMS is all about in this FCAT produced series, Getting to Know SCEMS.

To watch more of our great content, check out our YouTube page!

Don't miss the FRS Girls Basketball game and Packed House Night
streaming LIVE this Friday the 5th at 7:30pm from Frontier Regional High School.

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You can find this game and many more on Youtube or!

Check out this great performance by Pamela Means on 'The Song' with Mary Wheelan!

You can find more episodes of 'The Song' and all of our other shows, events, and meetings right on our Video On-Demand page!

I'd like to mention a question we received, regarding the ratings of the sci-fi movies we show on Saturdays: someone wanted to know why she wasn't able to find the movie ratings for some of the movies on IMDB and other locations. As it turns out, movies were not rated in the US prior to 1968, when the Motion Picture Association of America established the voluntary movie rating system. Some of the foreign sci-fi films we show are not rated either. But for those that are rated (both US and foreign), the ratings for the sci-fi movies we do show are generally PG or PG-13. If you would like more information on the film rating system, here is an informative webpage:…/

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We provide media services to individuals and businesses in Southern Franklin County, helping community producers succeed by providing cameras, tripods and other equipment, video editing facilities, studio production, project planning, training and support, etc.

We encourage creativity, communication and collaborative community building, through access to television and other media.

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